Manage Key Contacts with LinkedIn Profile Organizer

October 1, 2009

A new LinkedIn premium feature lets you manage your pipeline and more.

Have you ever come across interesting individuals on LinkedIn and either bookmarked their profiles in your browser or saved their names in Outlook or on a piece of paper?

Introducing Profile Organizer

Profile Organizer is a new feature, available on individual Premium accounts, that helps you both organize your search results and manage your contacts more effectively.
It carves out a private workspace that’s easy to use and highly accessible from the new “Profile Organizer” tab in your Contacts page.

Whether you’re building a pipeline of candidates, looking for expertise on a particular topic, deepening your industry ties, or exploring potential partnerships; anytime you find an individual of interest in a LinkedIn Search result, simply click “Save Profile” and the profile is bookmarked for you.
You can also organize these profiles in folders, add notes, and see your communication history with these professionals.

Profile Organizer Tab

So, the next time you pick up the phone to reach one of them, you’ll remember exactly why this person is interesting, how you met them, what you’ve learned about them, and when it’s appropriate to get in touch by going to your Profile Organizer page.

Learn more in this very short video:

To get started, simply click on the “Save Profile” link from any LinkedIn profile. This is a feature exclusively for our Premium Account subscribers, but for we’re giving a 30-day free trial for all of our members to try out. Learn more here.

Taking it to the Next Level

We designed Profile Organizer with a wide range of professionals in mind.
If you are interested in a solution specifically designed for sourcing purposes and for building and maintaining a pipeline of candidates, then, you will prefer LinkedIn Recruiter.

A full-fledged recruiting solution, LinkedIn Recruiter brings advanced search tools, specifically optimized for talent sourcing, and the widest search space on LinkedIn.
Like Profile Organizer, it also comes with contact management features so you can also save contacts in folders, attach notes to these contacts and see your communication history with them all in one place.
Recruiter goes further and lets you share notes and history with your teams to avoid duplication of efforts. You will appreciate seeing a “this candidate is a rock star” or “this candidate is not ready to change jobs right now” note that a colleague may have left on someone’s profile, or knowing that someone on your team has already contacted them.

Recruiter also ensures that the information saved stays with the company if a team member leaves your team and provides OFCCP compliance options. In the case of Profile Organizer, the folders and notes are tied to an individual account.

In any case, whether you are looking for an individual, simple yet powerful, tool for generalists, or seeking an advanced recruitment tool, LinkedIn brings you the solutions to be more productive and build strong candidate pipelines.