Cost Per Resume Lower with LinkedIn Job Posts

December 2, 2009 published an interesting article today on a cost per resume study conducted by Marty Brack.  Marty ran a test comparing to LinkedIn.  His analysis took into account the cost to post the job listing and the number of qualified resumes.

Here are the details of his study:

The cost to run one ad on LinkedIn cost $195 and the cost of a CareerBuilder ad was $360.  This pricing does not reflect discounts based on volume pricing.  After screening each resume Marty determined the number of resumes that were qualified and those that were not and calculated the cost per good resume.

The results of this study showed that, on average, LinkedIn produced fewer resumes per posting — 39 versus about 45 — but produced a higher yield per posting of qualified candidates: 11 versus 3. The cost to obtain a qualified resume on LinkedIn was less than CareerBuilder; $18.33 per resume versus $175.50. This is what a recruiter is looking for: a higher yield of qualified candidates at a cheaper cost per posting.

Reduce cost per resume further with LinkedIn Recruiter and Job Slots
The cost per qualified resume can be reduced even further by using Job Slots, available to LinkedIn Recruiter customers.  With Job Slots you get the convenience of a slot where you can swap jobs any time you like (like a parking spot where you can change the care at any time).  Buying a Job Slot for one year will reduce the monthly price even further and therefore the cost per qualified candidate will go down even more.