Discontented Workers Will Provide Opportunities for Recruiters in 2010

December 1, 2009

Workforce Management recently reported on two new research studies that reveal recruiting opportunities for next year. These studies put hard numbers on the degree to which workers today are discontented in the wake of company decisions to cut staff, freeze salaries and take other steps during the recession of the past year.

In a study conducted by Right Management, 60% of workers indicated that they intend to leave their companies as the economy improves and an additional 27 percent are networking or have updated their resumes.

In a second study, conducted by consulting firm Finnegan Mackenzie and business network ExecuNet, employed executives found that more than 90 percent of executives would take an executive recruiter’s call and more than 50 percent are looking for a new job.

During this economic downturn we have heard from recruiters that finding passive talent has been challenging.  Prospects have been unwilling to leave their jobs in an unstable ecomomy.  Now that the ecomomy is picking up, these workers are ready to make a move.  Given these research results, passive recruiting will be much more successful next year as the economy gets better.