Lou Adler: Write an Effective InMail and Target Who You Wish

January 26, 2010

How the top-half looks for a new opportunity is fundamentally different than the bottom-half. If you are only posting job descriptions, pushing it out through emails, and making people jump through hoops before they can chat with a hiring manager, you’re targeting the bottom-half.

According to Lou Adler, you can use LinkedIn InMail to start a conversation with every great candidate in the world you if understand how to use if properly. In this webinar, Lou will show you how.

Some key topics include:
o It’s all in the message. You can at least triple your InMail response rate with a great pitch.

o The psychology of the top performer. Use Maslow to pinpoint your candidate’s needs.

o It’s about time. Base your recruiting approach on how long your candidate has been looking.

o Don’t sell the job, sell the next step. Keep your funnel right side up.

Join us for this session with Lou and leave with impactful lessons you can apply to your InMail messaging immediately.
Register Here: https://linkedinwebinar.webex.com/linkedinwebinar/onstage/g.php?d=937209920&t=a