Recruiter Projects Facilitate Team Collaboration

January 7, 2010

Is someone on your team a whiz at writing engaging job descriptions?  Do you have Boolean searching down pat?  Maybe your team's Senior Recruiter can spot a qualified candidate's profile at 10 paces?

Teamwork! Teamwork! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Not only are project folders great for staying organized, but sharing them with your fellow recruiters allows you to work as a team should.  You can copy each other's job posts, run each other' searches, set your own alerts, review candidate lists and even add to them with profiles of your own.  Whether working together on a project or simply helping out when you can, everyone will benefit from Recruiter's team environment.


Here are a few Project collaboration features you and your team should be using:

1.  Job Posts

Whether it's Open, Closed or a Draft, anyone on the team can Copy an existing job post to create a new one.  Copying posts not only helps maintain a consistent look & feel for all your company's job posts, it saves you time and effort in not having to reenter unchanging information like Company Name, Company URL, Company Description and Location.

2.  Saved Searches

When saving searches to a shared project folder, everyone on the team will be able to run that search to access the results, set their own search alerts or modify the search criteria to save it as a new search.

3.  Profiles

The project profile tab is your list of prospective candidates.  When the project is shared, your teammates will be able to see your list, as well as add to it if they come across a profile they think you might find pertinent.