Bound by Budget? Ways to Do More With Less

February 11, 2010

We all know 2009 was a challenging year for recruiters, both in terms of budget and workload. When we surveyed 262 senior corporate recruiting and HR executives in June of last year, two-thirds of them said that achieving significant efficiency improvements was either a top (21%) or high (45%) priority for their teams.

Flash forward eight months, and for many, budgets seem to be in a holding pattern.  Over half of the 346 full-time corporate recruiters we contacted this week reported that 2010 budgets are unchanged from 2009, while a further 19% say their budgets are actually down.


Meanwhile, the pressure to deliver more with less hasn’t necessarily let up.  As one customer put it to me recently, while his company is hiring  aggressively once more, “We’re simply having to get by with a smaller recruiting team.”

It seems like there’s no better time, therefore, to remind you of just a few of the ways you can do more with less via LinkedIn:

  • Talent Match. Every time you post a job on, our matching algorithm generates up to 50 strong candidates, most likely passive, for your position.
  • “Viewers of This Profile Also Viewed…”  Take advantage of this feature on the right hand bar of every profile you pull up. It can be a handy sourcing shortcut.
  • Saved Searches and Search History. In one click, remind yourself of previous search activity and quickly pick up where you left off.
  • InMail® Templates.   Don’t forget that you can save your favorite well-worded emails for repeated use in Recruiter, whether you are reaching out to individual candidates or taking advantage of our 1-to-many emailing option.

 In short, think of LinkedIn as the twelfth man on your recruiting team. Now, if only you actually had a team of 11…