Highlights from Last Week's Lou Adler Webinar

February 21, 2010

Over 500 people tuned in to our webinar last week featuring Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group and author of “Hire With Your Head”.  The topic was "Writing Effective InMail".  For those of you who missed out, here are five key takeaways from the event: 

1) Focusing on cost per hire is the worst way to secure top talent. It can actually prevent you from finding top talent. Instead, focus primarily on quality of hire.


2) Attracting the best quality talent requires you to connect with people before they start actively looking for a position.  Passive candidate recruiting – or what Lou calls an ‘early bird’ sourcing strategy – will ensure you succeed.


3) InMails are a great way to connect with passive candidates as they are personal, confidential and sent within a trusted environment, meaning higher response rates and less of the awkward factor that you'll find with cold-calling.


4) When reaching out to passive candidates, don’t make them apply for the position; instead, draw them into a career discussion. One of Lou’s favorite opening lines for an InMail is, “Would you be open to exploring an opportunity if it were clearly superior to what you are doing today?”


5) Don’t be shy.  Every job offers something to somebody.  What might seem to you like a mundane job is exciting to someone.  Know what drives the best people doing that work and use InMail to deliver compelling messages to them.


Click here to access presentations, a full recording of the event, and many more tips on how to use InMails to successfully engage passive candidates.