Speed Rules: Enhancements to LinkedIn Recruiter

February 26, 2010


We will soon be releasing some platform improvements and new features that should make finding the best talent on LinkedIn faster and easier.  These efficiency enhancements have been prioritized based on feedback from our customers.


We introduced “experience” filters late last year, and are now adding to the drilldown capabilities of Recruiter by adding the ability to drill down by company characteristics.  This week we’ll be introducing the following new search filters:

·         Company Size – quickly find profiles based on current company size (by employees)

·         Fortune List – select companies by Fortune rankings (Top 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000)

·         Company Type – filter profiles by current company type (public, private, government, etc.)



The new filters, including the experience filters, will now also be available on the Advanced Search page as search criteria options.


We’ve also been working on improving the general search experience.  Depending on the type of search you are running, you may notice a significant improvement in speed for search results and drilldowns using filters.


And last, but not least, search results now have a “memory” of where you were in the result set when navigating back from an individual profile. Instead of having to scrool back from the top when you hit 'back to search results', you'll return to your previous spot.  



We just released the new homepage design recently, and will be making minor enhancements as we collect your feedback.  This week, you’ll see a new personal Activity Tracker that will give you insight on your Recruiter usage compared to averages from all Recruiter users.  This is the first enhancement of a number of personal and management reporting tools we’re planning for this year.



If you have a large network, the way we display your connection path to a member on their profile may be extensive.  To make the profile more readable and manageable, we've added a "Show More/Show Less" option to this section of the profile.  It will come up collapsed, showing minimal information by default, and give you the option of expanding it to research potential connection paths.



Lastly, we’re enhancing the way InMail templates appear in the drop down list when you are creating messages.  The list will now be alphabetical, making it much easier to navigate and quickly find the template you are looking for.


We hope you find these improvements enhance your experience with Recruiter and help you source the best active and passive candidates even faster. 


We are always interested in your feedback – if you have comments, questions, or requests, please start a discussion in the LinkedIn Recruiter Customers group or via the “Send us your feedback” link (located at the bottom of all Recruiter product pages).