Webcast: Gerry Crispin on Source of Hire

February 23, 2010

CareerXroads Series: What Keeps Staffing Leaders Up

Session 1: Source of Hire: What the Results of the 2009 Meltdown Mean for the 2010 Recovery

Was 2009 a continuation of previous hiring trends or just a dramatic blip in one of the decade’s most unusual years? Just how flawed is the data that employers collect about the sources of their hires and what firms can still do about it in 2010? Recruiting budgets tightened in 2009 with a dip of more than 25% in hiring activity among major firms. How did that affect source and, more importantly, as we come out of the recession, what are firms planning to do more of, less of and the same as in the coming months.

Join us for a conversation about what we can learn about our talent supply chain.

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