Want To Track InMail Responses? Use Projects

March 11, 2010

InMail responses can vary from "Sure, tell me more" to "Well, I do know a friend" and the occasional "Thanks but not at this time."  Regardless of the response, tracking these replies as data could be hugely beneficial to the team.  But short of copying and pasting every InMail reply into a profile's notes, what's the quickest and easiest way to track this valuable data within LinkedIn Recruiter to avoid sending out repetitive messages to the same prospect again?

A method some of my customers have suggested to me during training is through the use of Projects.


Here's how:

1.  Create several shared Team Projects called:

  • Showed Interest
  • Offered Referrals
  • Not Interested

or any other keywords that might help categorize prior contact.

2.  After receiving the reply to your InMail, open the person's profile and click the Add to Project link.

3.  Add the profile to the project that best matches the member's reply.

  • "Tell me more"  = Showed Interest
  • "Well, I do know a friend" = Offered Referrals
  • "Thanks but I'm not Interested at this time" = Not Interested

By making these Projects shared across the team, everyone will use the same quick and easy method to categorize a candidate's response.  Then the next time anyone comes across the member's profile, a cursory glance at the Profile Activity menu (see screencap above) will reveal the Project name and thus the prior response.