Become a Recruiter Ninja

May 20, 2010

Ninjas have been in the news here at LinkedIn recently. What better way to continue the trend than to offer up tips for those looking to master the hidden arts of Recruiter?

We here on the LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions team spend every day helping our customers overcome their talent acquisition challenges.  As our product team continues to develop great new search facets, we’ve been able craft some really nifty solutions out of those building blocks.  Here are my favorites:

Avoid Non Competes – You know that DownTheStreetCo hires great people with the specific experience you need.  However, there may be legal obstacles to directly approaching their employees. Instead, target employees who used to work at the company.  Enter DownTheStreetCo into the Company field in the search box, choose Past not current, and then run your search.  Next, use Years at Company to select only those who have been away from that company for at least 1 year (or longer, as appropriate).

Avoid Job Hoppers – Since Recruiter lets you reach out to potential candidates with the right job experience, why pick someone who will only stick around a short while?  Use the Years at Company filter to avoid those who have been with their current organization for less than a year.

Find Consultants – Conversely, short term employment is exactly what you may seek in a Consultant.  Combine Years at Company: Less than 1 Year with Interested In: Consultants/Contractors to quickly narrow your search.

Level Setting – Many recruiters use the Job Title field to level set their candidate pool.  Let’s say you’re hiring a VP. What you may really mean by this is “I will take a Director from a large company, but otherwise they had better be a VP already.”  Our Company Size and Fortune filters will help you build your pipeline to include the right individuals.  First perform a search for Director-level profiles and set your Fortune or Company Size filters based on the cutoff you feel is right for “large enough”.  Place your preferred candidates on the Clipboard, then repeat the search with VPs at smaller companies .

Timing is Everything –Use the combination of Years at Company and Years in Position to reach people who may be ready to entertain a switch.  For instance, combine Years in Position: 1 to 2 Years with Years at Company: at least 3 years to find people who have grown into their new roles and may be ready to think about their next opportunity.

Go Beavers/Badgers/Banana Slugs – Sometimes the talent you need is just not available locally.  Who better to ask to return to town than alumni of local schools?  Start by searching major regions closest to the job and work your way outwards.

With these tricks up your sleeve, your Dojo will be full in no time!