New Recruiter Enhancements to Streamline Your Workflow

May 6, 2010

This week’s release includes new features designed to make using LinkedIn Recruiter more efficient and effective.  Year to date, we have added over 30 such enhancements to the Recruiter platform, and plan for much more during the remainder of the year.   We’d like to thank all the customers who have continually provided feedback and enhancement requests; your voice is what drives innovation.

New this week:

Real Time Profile Matches

  • We’ve offered a Candidate Match feature for a while, but now, if there are matches, you’ll get instant candidate recommendations in the job posting flow.  What used to take 24+ hours in a batch process now takes just seconds and integrates into your workflow. You can go straight from the posting process to reviewing and reaching out to talent recommended by our proprietary technology.
  • For customers who are posting through a job distributor or our automated Job Wrapping process, simply edit the job in Recruiter as soon as it’s posted and you’ll see your real-time Profile Match results.


  • We’ve added a new “hover” feature that shows a mini-profile over any name that appears on the Recruiter homepage or on names in modules like “People who viewed this profile”.  For example, holding the mouse over the names in your inbox will now “pop-up” a small window showing the name, headline, and company information for that response.  You’ll be able to quickly assess more details about the responses in your inbox without having to drill into the full profile.
  • You can also perform actions directly from the mini-profile (add to clipboard, save to project, send InMail, and add note).


    Free InMails to 1st degree and fellow group members

  • Starting with this release, you’ll be able to message direct connections and fellow group members from Recruiter without a hit to your available inMail balance.  This will allow you to realize more value from your personal networks within the Recruiter platform.
  • For messages to fellow group members, note that when anyone joins a group, they have the option to opt-out of messages and this new approach will honor that opt-out setting.

    The entire LinkedIn team would like to thank you for continued feedback and we hope you enjoy these enhancements.

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