InMail Subject Line: 3 Simple Tips to Get Your Message Read

August 10, 2010

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know how important it is to craft an InMail message that targets both active and passive candidates.  Prior entries have provided tips on boosting your InMail response rates and recapped webinars by experts like Lou Adler intended to help you perfect your message writing skills.  But before recipients can read your message, they have to decide to open it.  You are already ahead of the game by sending your message through LinkedIn (a trusted source that members have opted to join) but don't stop there.  These 3 tips on writing good subject lines will help increase your open rates so your message gets through.

1.  Be brief

Though some e-marketing experts suggest limiting subject lines to 50 characters,  I think that's about 15 characters too many.  As mobility increases, people are reading their messages on all sorts of small devices.  So unless they are using a Notebook or iPad, their mobile email clients probably display 30-35 characters in the subject line.  Keeping your subject shorter than that will ensure mobile users will see the entire line.

2.  Lead with your strongest word

Your company's marketing team has worked long and hard developing and promoting your brand name.  Take advantage of their hard work by leveraging your company name in your subject - and placing it first or close to the start of your subject will secure the attention of prospects quicker.

3.  Target more than just job seekers

Subject lines that directly mention an "open position" or "career opportunity" will certainly be attractive to active job seekers, but what about the qualified passive candidates?  They may not be as interested in a direct recruiting message.  Use your subject line to announce a recent achievement or newsworthy fact about your company.  Something that will be of interest to both active and passive candidates alike.