Introducing the Next Generation LinkedIn Career Pages

September 28, 2010


With the release of our next generation Career Pages, LinkedIn is making it easy for companies to use social media to establish themselves as an employer of choice.

Recruiting departments at hundreds of companies are using LinkedIn to create an engaging and personalized destination for candidates. Take a look at how AT&T and digital media agency Nurun are engaging candidates through video, employee testimonials and other customized content:

NURUN Careers Page

Create content that is relevant to every viewer

LinkedIn Career Pages are designed with flexibility in mind. You wouldn’t make the same recruiting pitch to an engineer that you would to a salesperson. So why should your careers website show these two candidates the same information? LinkedIn Career Pages can be customized to adapt to the viewer, so companies can offer one experience to a software engineer in Silicon Valley, and another to a Sales Manager in Chicago, creating a more personal connection with both candidates.

Build an engaging experience around your job postings

Career Pages serve as a hub for the jobs you post on LinkedIn. Members learn more about companies through their career page content, and LinkedIn shows them jobs that are targeted specifically to their background.

Learn about your audience

Finally, the newly added Analytics function gives companies a detailed view into what types of professionals are exploring and interacting with their page.

The best candidates—especially passive candidates—do their research before investing time speaking with potential employers. Career Pages are one of the first places they turn after hearing from a recruiter or seeing a job posting on LinkedIn.

We’re excited about the amazing experiences our customers are already creating for these job seekers. We’d love to know what you think. Please feel free to either leave a comment on the post or @linkedin us on Twitter.

What’s new:

-Flexible editing allows companies to update their content in real time

-Customizable modules give companies the flexibility to showcase any aspects of what it’s like to work there (e.g., company culture, list of benefits, interesting projects, corporate philanthropy and more)

-Jobs on Career Pages are targeted specifically to each viewer’s profile

-“Contact a Recruiter” feature provides a direct link between candidate leads and recruiters

-Analytics allow companies to see who is viewing and interacting with their pages

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