LTBDs: LinkedIn Recruiter's Year in Review

January 5, 2011

At Talent Connect, our inaugural corporate recruiting customer conference in November, VP Product David Hahn talked at length about LTBDs, or the ‘Little Things, Big Difference’ that we’re continually changing to make LinkedIn Recruiter an ever more critical sourcing and pipelining tool. The major inspiration for much of this innovation is input from our customers.

LinkedIn Recruiter recommendationsNow, we all know recruiters aren’t shy, and LinkedIn Recruiter users are no exception. We logged hundreds of  separate pieces of feedback last year that informed many of the 50+ enhancements we made to our core product. Before we dive into 2011, we thought we’d take a moment to recap some of the highlights of LinkedIn Recruiter’s 2010.

: LinkedIn kicks off the New Year with 55 million members. Meanwhile, we make the Recruiter home page smarter by adding more intuitive navigation, clearer visibility into team activity on shared projects, and easier management of assets like InMails and Job Slots.

February: we add a series of new search filters to help you drill down on company specifics, including company size, Fortune ranking and company type. At the same time we significantly increase the speed at which we deliver search results.

March:  we enable teams to share InMail templates and we launch our Recruiter Expert program for customers who really know their stuff. Meanwhile, Fortune tells our story better than we can.

May: the next round of Recruiter upgrades are introduced, including the addition of up to 50 real-time candidate recommendations every time you post a new position using a Job Slot.

June: LinkedIn tops 70 million members.

August: what summer slowdown? We add several features which make it faster and easier to manage your pipeline in Recruiter, including profile reminders and one-page project management.

September:  customers now have access to dynamic list refinement - meaning that wherever you search within Recruiter, you can access the same advanced filters. We also welcome our 80 millionth member.

November: over 500 customers gather in San Francisco for Talent Connect 2010, our first ever conference for our corporate Recruiting Solutions customers. The same week, the Giants win the World Series. It’s a very good time to be in Northern California. Later that month we add custom filters so customers now source exactly the way they want.

December: LinkedIn membership nears the 90-million mark, with a new member continuing to sign up every second.

Many Recruiter users reading this will see their fingerprints on the current product, as well as on some of the exciting changes we’re planning for the next 12 months. Please keep the feedback coming by clicking the ‘send us your feedback’ link at the foot of the Recruiter home page. With the help of such passionate customers, who knows what we’ll cook up in 2011?

Editor's note: not a LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions customer yet? Click here to see why over two-thirds of the Fortune 100 now use Linkedin Recruiter to find, contact and build relationships with the world's best talent.