Thirsting for Knowledge? Check Out Our New and Enhanced Recruiter Best Practice Sessions

April 25, 2011

Today we’re happy to announce that we will be growing our LinkedIn Recruiter curriculum available online!  These daily instructor-led sessions are available to all of our corporate LinkedIn Recruiter customers.  Created and conducted by our team of Recruitment Product Consultants, these sessions will take you on a guided tour with the experts – starting from the basics to the more advanced functionality of the tool.

To sign up for these sessions, simply login to your Recruiter account and click on ‘Training’ at the top of the page…


This will take you to LinkedIn University, a space where you can register for the training sessions.  Scrolling down on this page will also take you to self paced video training and tip sheets from LinkedIn employees and industry experts like Lou Adler.


To add more frequent and varied core offerings to the curriculum, this next quarter we are adding different course lengths (new 30 minute sessions) and topics such as:
•    Advanced Search, Industry Verticals (Healthcare, IT, Engineering, and more)
•    Profile Management and Makeover
•    Boolean and Custom Filter Workshop
•    InMail Best Practices
•    Admin Training – Reporting and Analytics

Our users are always seeking best practices with Recruiter, so we feel that expanding our curriculum is vital in arming you with the tools and tactics to succeed. We hope we see you there!