Can You Really Have It All in Corporate Recruiting?

May 12, 2011

Note: related whitepaper now available for download on our Corporate Recruiting Solutions website.

Ever feel like you’re being asked to perform the impossible? The borderline ridiculous even?

Take the goals of your average recruiting team: maximizing quality of hire while reducing time to fill and lowering cost per hire – all while staying compliant. Oh, and that’s not all you’re contending with.  The recovering economy – see the chart below – means a steadily intensifying battle for great talent. And the growing need to look beyond the overworked active candidate pool (just 18% of fully-employed professionals based on our research) has you going after harder-to-convince passive candidates who make up 60% of the fully-employed workforce.


If you’re lucky, your budget has gone up a little this year and you’ve at least got more resources to tackle the challenge. But that alone won't do it if you feel like you’re being asked to turn water into wine or bend the space-time continuum.

Fortunately, some practical help is at hand, in the form of a new whitepaper we just launched with Lou Adler, a leading authority on highly effective recruiting. The whitepaper explains why we need to rethink corporate recruiting today and offers valuable frameworks to help you achieve your objectives. By following Lou’s advice you can structure your processes more effectively, get your team focused on the most important things, and up-level your entire organization’s recruiting efforts.

In preparation for the whitepaper, we surveyed 293 corporate recruiting leaders in the US and Canada on what they thought were the most essential competencies for recruiting teams to have today, and how they rated their own teams on those same skills. What's keeping them awake at night? Their teams’ relatively weak capabilities related to one of the three most essential skills: using advanced tools and techniques to find and recruit passive candidates.

The silver lining for LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions customers: our growing suite of training and best practice offerings is available to you at any time, to help you hone your passive candidate recruiting capabilities. Also, we hope to see you at Talent Connect – whether in London or Las Vegas – where your peers will be sharing a wealth of best practices that you can adapt for your organization.

For more on how to have it all – higher quality, lower cost, timely hiring and legal compliance – while leading a team which consistently gets recruiting results, download our free whitepaper, “Top Down, Bottoms Up: Rethinking Corporate Recruiting” , today.