Highlights from ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit

May 18, 2011

I spent the day yesterday attending ERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit here at LinkedIn in Mountain View. The day was packed both with interesting speakers and a highly engaged audience. We heard about some novel ways of leveraging social media to recruit and a few words of caution about moving too far from the fundamentals of relationship building. Here were a few take-aways from the day:

Good talent management is about more than just putting the right people in the right roles. Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer) started the day with a keynote that touched on the importance of thinking about talent management holistically in the new knowledge economy. She stressed the need for strong culture, collaboration and shared purpose.

Reach candidates with relevant content where they want to be reached. Ernst & Young’s Larry Nash hires 5,000 students a year and uses a range of social media channels to engage them, including LinkedIn, Facebook and even Pandora.

Don’t overlook the internal conversations. Amy Wilson (@awils) spoke about the importance of good collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters to make sure both are aligned on goals and evaluation criteria.

It’s OK to Lurk, but don’t forget to Talk. Susan Strayer (@susandstrayer) and David Kippen (@david_kippen) closed the day with a talk on the value of establishing strong relationships that go beyond transactional “lurking” on social media sites. There was much discussion from the audience and speakers about whether these relationships need to be developed offline or online. The main point was well taken though, that when building relationships with candidates, particularly in the case of Referrals, there’s a big difference between “a name I need to remember” and “a person I know and like.”

In all, there was a great deal of thought-provoking discussions by presenters and attendees alike.