Connect with Talent on Your Employees’ LinkedIn Profile Pages

September 20, 2011

Over the last few years, your employees have been establishing their presence on LinkedIn by building their profiles and connecting with other professionals. These employee profiles are the primary way outside professionals experience your company on LinkedIn.  Most great recruiting teams already leverage their employees through referral programs, but what if you could have a voice in the interactions already taking place between your employees and candidates.  Let me introduce you to LinkedIn’s new recruiting product, Work With Us.

Work With Us promotes your company’s jobs or recruiting message every time your employees’ profiles are viewed on LinkedIn, which can happen hundreds or thousands of times per day depending on your company. Your company will have exclusive access to the ad unit on every profile page, making it incredibly easy to gain a voice in these interactions at scale.

We have learned that these moments are the perfect times to share personalized jobs or promote your employment brand.  Work With Us campaigns can deliver 10-50x the results of typical banner ads.  Why is Work With Us so effective?  It’s simple and intuitive… we present the right opportunities to the right person, at the right time.

Here is an example. Peter, a software engineer, is looking at the profile of an Autodesk software executive named Albert.  Perhaps Peter read a blog post about Albert’s work, or they met at a conference, or they worked together at a prior firm.  At this moment Peter is thinking about Albert’s work at Autodesk, AND Peter is likely to be the sort of person that Autodesk would be interested in.  When is a better time to promote career opportunities to Peter than when he reading the LinkedIn profile of one of Autodesk’s executives? Work With Us allows Autodesk to do just that, by showing Peter engineering jobs personalized to his background—automatically.

Client results have been truly remarkable.  Take a look at Autodesk Head of EMEA Talent Acquisition and Global Talent Brand Matthew Jeffery’s LinkedIn profile to see Work With Us in action, or visit my profile to see how LinkedIn is using Work With Us.

To hear more about how Autodesk is attracting top talent on LinkedIn, register for Matthew Jeffery’s webinar on September 27th.

Click here to learn more about Work With Us or to contact LinkedIn for more information.