Now in Recruiter: A New Way to Create Harmony with Your Hiring Managers

September 15, 2011

I’m very excited to announce a new tool in LinkedIn Recruiter that can change the way you work with your hiring managers.   It’s now easy to share interesting profiles and then get feedback from your hiring manager—right from Recruiter.  No more need to print out lots of profiles to review or huddle with your hiring manager in front of a computer to search.

This is no doubt a time-saver when it comes to getting feedback, but I think the real power comes from the ease with which you can collaborate.  At every stage of the search you can get feedback and refine your criteria to be sure you are getting just the right candidate.  And your hiring manager can feel happy and confident that everything is on track.  As one Recruiter customer put it, this tool can help create “harmony” with your hiring manager.

How it Works

Find some profiles you like in a project and share them with one or many hiring managers.

Share a profile

Your hiring manager will receive an email invitation from you to view the candidates.To get started, the hiring manager simply clicks “Review Profiles” and logs in to a special version of Recruiter using their standard LinkedIn information.

Email to hiring manager

The hiring manager can view each profile and provide a rating (these are customizable) and even add a note with additional feedback—for example, “let’s find more people just like this!”

View a single profile

The manager has a dashboard for all their reviews where progress can be tracked and prior reviews can be viewed.

View all profiles for review

Every time a hiring manager completes a review, you will be notified in Recruiter with alerts.All of the reviews for each profile are tracked and stored so you and the other Recruiter users on your team can reference them in the future.

Alerts and messages about reviews

There are several customizable settings that the Recruiter Administrator can adjust to tailor this new tool to your organization.Relevant information is automatically tracked to support OFCCP compliance requests.

You can start using this tool now.Just log in to Recruiter and go to a project folder where you’ll see the new “Share” tab.You will also see a “sticky” note with links to more information including an FAQ in case you have questions.

Start creating harmony with your hiring managers today and let us know how it’s going!