LinkedIn and Taleo Partner to Make Recruiting Smarter and More Efficient

September 12, 2011

Today at the annual Taleo World conference, Taleo and LinkedIn announced new tools that leverage the power of LinkedIn’s professional network to help recruiters work faster, smarter and more effectively in managing candidates.  These new tools will be part of the upcoming release of Taleo Enterprise Edition 11b and we think it’s a win-win for recruiters and job-seekers.

Apply for jobs with your LinkedIn profile
Taleo is leveraging the Apply with LinkedIn technology we released in August to make it easier for individuals to apply for jobs.  Job application forms are often long and can be a little discouraging, leading some candidates to abandon their application or not even apply at all.  With Taleo, candidates will be able to use the data in their LinkedIn profile to complete many of the application fields, making the process far faster and easier.  Not only does that make applicants happier with the employer, it also increases the number of quality passive candidates that apply.

View the LinkedIn profiles for candidates in your Taleo system
Records in an ATS system can start to become outdated as soon as the applicant uploads their resume.  As a result we see recruiters spending time toggling between their Taleo system and LinkedIn to see if the candidate has updated their status—a new job, lots of updates to their profile or other cues that help determine the viability of a candidate.

With the new Profile Preview feature in Taleo, users can open up a window in Taleo showing the candidate’s LinkedIn profile.  If the user has a personal LinkedIn account, they can view a summary of the candidate’s profile.  Users with a LinkedIn Recruiter license can view a rich profile, including how they are connected to the candidate, as well as take actions like adding the profile to a project.

View Taleo candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter
Wouldn’t it be nice to know which of the great profiles in LinkedIn Recruiter are already in your ATS?  Now, profiles you find in Recruiter will be highlighted as “in Taleo” if they have been previously viewed in your Taleo system.  You can access summary information from Taleo and click to the individual’s record in Taleo.

To start using these powerful new tools, it’s just a matter of getting Taleo 11b, which will be available later this month.  Turning “on” the integration with LinkedIn is a snap once you are ready.

David Hahn, VP, Product Management here at LinkedIn, summed up the benefits of these new features well: "Our integration with Taleo further reveals how professional networking can connect the best candidates with employers.”  We can’t wait for our customers using Taleo to start getting better connected to candidates soon!