LinkedIn and Kenexa Announce Integrations to Support Stronger Connections Between Candidates and Recruiters

October 18, 2011

Today at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference, Kenexa and LinkedIn are announcing integrations that will connect LinkedIn users with opportunity. The collaboration between LinkedIn and Kenexa will support candidates in the job application process and will help recruiters work faster, smarter and more effectively in managing candidates.  These new tools will be part of Kenexa’s future product releases.

Apply for jobs with your LinkedIn profile
Job application forms are often long and complicated and lead to drop off in the application process. Kenexa will leverage Apply with LinkedIn technology to make it easier for individuals to apply for jobs.  Within Kenexa’s application process, candidates will be able to use the profile they have created on LinkedIn to complete many of the application fields, making the process far faster and easier.  Not only does that make applicants happier with the employer, it also increases the number of quality passive candidates that apply.

View LinkedIn profiles for your candidates within Kenexa
Over time, candidate resumes in an ATS system become stale.  As a result we see recruiters spending time searching for their applicants on LinkedIn to see if the candidate has updated their status—a new job, lots of updates to their profile or other cues that help determine the viability of the candidate.

With the Profile Preview feature, users will be able to open up a window in Kenexa to show the candidate’s LinkedIn profile.  If the user has a personal LinkedIn account, they can view a summary of the candidate’s profile.  Users with a LinkedIn Recruiter license can view a rich profile, including how they are connected to the candidate, as well as take actions like adding the profile to a project.

View Kenexa candidates from within LinkedIn Recruiter
Wouldn’t it be nice to know which of the great profiles in LinkedIn Recruiter are already in your ATS?  Now, profiles you find in Recruiter will be highlighted as “in Kenexa” if they have been previously viewed in your Kenexa system.  You can access summary information from Kenexa and click to the individual’s record within the ATS.

These integrations will be available as new versions of Kenexa are released.