September’s Top News on LinkedIn Today

October 10, 2011

September brings a change in season, and based on the month’s trends on LinkedIn Today, that inspires changes in the workplace – productivity was a hot topic among your peers in staffing and recruiting. What else were they buzzing about? Read on to find out!

As one writer tallied up the cost of employees playing Angry Birds on the clock, another touted the benefits of sleeping on the job. How does your company boost productivity?

Rather than napping, some companies are following the advice of the American College of Cardiology and encouraging employees to stand up for their health.

Do you find yourself buried in email? Wondering how you’ll get everything done? Virgin founder Richard Branson shares his tips for staying on top of it and managing your time well.

And bringing it back to recruiting, industry expert Lou Adler explains ways to measure quality of hire, both before and after candidate interviews, and the discussion on hard-to-fill jobs continues: one report provides some data, while another article reminds recruiters that simplicity is key in filling any open spot.

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