October’s Top News on LinkedIn Today

November 9, 2011

November has arrived with fall leaves and cooler temperatures, and it’s time for your monthly installment of the most-shared articles on LinkedIn Today.  Here’s what your peers in staffing and recruiting have been talking about in the past month:

Recruiters are ignoring mobile at their own peril, stress Dr. John Sullivan and Master Burnett.  If there’s one initiative you should focus on immediately, they say it’s optimizing your career site for smartphones.

We’ve heard a lot recently about talent shortages for key roles, but this article asserts that the talent is out there: organizations just need to be more realistic about the qualifications they’re looking for.  What do you think?

This popular article shares advice for what you should say on LinkedIn if you’ve been laid off.  It contains guidelines for optimizing one’s profile, section by section, to find the next opportunity—great for sharing with job seekers.

Gilt Groupe’s CEO recently stated that he believes execs shouldn’t “waste time” with interviews: rather, they should focus on checking references and monitoring the professional landscape to proactively source the best talent.  Do you agree?

And finally, looking toward 2012: one report predicts that the starting salary for some jobs will rise an average of 3.4% next year.  Is your organization prepared?

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