Going Global with LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions: Pfizer and Red Hat Share Best Practices

December 14, 2011

Working with a global team across time zones, languages and cultures is challenging in any industry or function. Our top customers make it look easy.

At LinkedIn we’re fortunate to work with some of the world’spfizer1 most innovative recruiting organizations, including Pfizer Inc. and Red Hat. Both companies were the subjects of a recent research bulletin by independent analyst firm Bersin & Associates, on best practices for rolling out LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions globally.

The results seen by each company are impressive. By using red-hat1LinkedIn Recruiter, Job Slots and a LinkedIn Career Page in combination, Red Hat reduced agency fees by 80%, hired 20% more people and still reduced overall recruiting costs by 20%, all while dramatically lowering time to present and time to fill. Meanwhile, Pfizer’s results have been so positive that they recently elected to launch their new global employment brand using LinkedIn as the primary vehicle. And both companies shared that the quality of candidate they are able to bring in has increased since they invested in LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions.

But to me, some of the most interesting ‘meat’ in the bulletin is around how these organizations have effectively rolled out LinkedIn Recruiter, Job Slots and other solutions to their global teams to maximum effect. Here are just a few of the more tangible tips that emerge from this research:

1) Create the conditions for candidates to say ‘Yes’. Every member of your recruiting team should have a compelling, authentic profile. Those with robust personal profiles typically have the highest response rates from passive candidates. Use a targeted Career Page to further create a relevant experience for candidates as they assess your company.

2) Set up your users for success. Pfizer nominated super-users in each region where Recruiter was being rolled out, and leaned on them to drive adoption. To this day they continue to reinforce the right behaviors through ongoing training, as well as by providing the mechanisms for sharing best practices across the team.

3) Stay on it. Measure progress, pinpoint issues and adapt accordingly. Take advantage of LinkedIn usage reports to monitor your team’s utilization and success. Where things aren’t working as well, tweak programs based on successes in other regions. Consider monthly drop-in webinars to drive long-term success.

4) Give incomplete profiles a chance. Red Hat recruiters found that top candidates often had ‘skeleton’ profiles, potentially because they were so busy at work, they hadn’t had time to update them – making them exactly the type of candidates Red Hat wanted to engage.

5) Involve your broader team in driving recruitment. Educate your hiring managers on your successes. To gain true leverage, engage your entire employee base in building authentic profiles that promote your company as an outstanding place to work.

For many more tips on effectively rolling out LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions across your team, download the Bersin research bulletin today or contact your LinkedIn account manager.