LinkedIn Today: The Most-Shared Recruiting Articles of 2011

December 21, 2011

Believe it or not, the end of the year is fast approaching. But before we say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, let’s revisit the top stories from the past year that had recruiting professionals everywhere talking. From creative sourcing tactics to the future of recruiting, here are some of your most shared articles for each month of 2011 in staffing and recruiting on LinkedIn Today (plus bonus content from November and December!).

March was the big month that catapulted our launch of LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn Today is now fundamentally changing the way our members engage with LinkedIn and get up to speed on the topics most important to them.

April brought some good news: in Silicon Valley, at least, tech jobs are booming ‘like it’s 1999,’ raising hopes for an economic recovery in other parts of the United States.

In May, we saw that as the market becomes more competitive, recruiters are revamping their traditional hiring playbooks and hunting for candidates through social media (including LinkedIn).

June brought a lot of buzz around the future of recruiting, or Recruitment 3.0. This article was written by two of LinkedIn’s Recruiting Solutions customers at Autodesk, Matthew Jeffery and Amy McKee.

In July, a survey was released with some shocking statistics on the percentage of employees looking to leave their jobs. This top article shares what you can do as a Talent Acquisition professional to decrease this risk at your organization.

August showed us that many companies are going to greater lengths to woo potential employees. From free taco trucks to cocktail parties, recruiting tactics are getting creative.

In September, recruiting industry expert Lou Adler explained how to measure and maximize the quality of your hire, both before and after candidate interviews.

For the month of October, this popular article shared advice for what you should say on LinkedIn if you’ve been laid off.  It contained guidelines for optimizing one’s profile, section by section, to find the next opportunity—great for sharing with job seekers.

November and December

Recruiting meets Mad Men: this post asserts that the new must-have recruiting skills are marketing skills—recruiters should understand the value of a strong employment brand and engage with top talent the way a marketer would with a prospective customer.

A resume will give you an overview of your candidate’s work experience, but traits such as grace under pressure and moral fiber are harder to find on that piece of paper. This infographic goes over some of these elusive traits.

Bravo TV is airing a 60-minute special featuring headhunter Wendy Doulton, a “Simon Cowell of recruitment,” offering her spin on what top recruiting looks like. Will you be tuning in?

If you think compensation is the biggest motivator for employees, you’re wrong. Making everyone a leader, taking an employee out for a one-on-one lunch and throwing a company party every once in a while are just a few examples of great motivators. This article goes over 9 ways to boost company morale. How does your organization drive employee motivation?

We’ll be back in January with our regularly scheduled monthly posts. Until then, happy holidays, and best wishes for the New Year!