February’s Top Recruiting Stories on LinkedIn Today

March 9, 2012

Even with an added Leap Day, February flew by! Many of your peers were sharing articles on LinkedIn, ranging from tips for being great at your job to the shift in the recruitment market. Here are the top 5 stories from this past month:

Top recruiters agree that all interview questions stem from these three key questions that evaluate the following: strength, motivation and fit. Does your set of interview questions cover these important bases?

How can you separate good candidates from the truly remarkable? This article shares eight qualities of not good, not great, but remarkable employees. Can you identify the employees at your company who are remarkable?

What’s one simple tip that can help you narrow your candidate search? Whether or not you receive a thank you follow-up email. Jessica Liebman of Business Insider weighs in and shares why that short and simple follow-up email could make or break your job offer.

Josh Bersin, whose analyst firm Bersin & Associates is a recognized leader in the talent management and talent acquisition space, recently wrote an opinion piece in Forbes on how LinkedIn is, in his words, ‘’disrupting the corporate recruiting market.’’ Read more about how corporate recruiters are going through an enormous transformation as they learn how to source passive candidates themselves and what Bersin identifies as LinkedIn’s vital role in this paradigm shift.

Lastly, do you want to be a better recruiter? Follow these simple, yet insightful tips to become the recruiter you’ve always aspired to be. Tip #1? Read everything.

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