Talent Pipeline is Here!

April 24, 2012

Last October, when we announced Talent Pipeline at our Talent Connect conference, the response was overwhelming—roaring applause and even some cheers from the audience (especially when LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said “it’s Free”). Building and managing a pipeline of talent is becoming essential in this competitive, global economy and recruiting organizations have not had a simple solution to make this a reality. Until now.

This past weekend, we began the process of upgrading LinkedIn Recruiter accounts with powerful new capabilities to track and manage talent leads from any source, before they enter your ATS, right in LinkedIn Recruiter. Whether you have resumes, spreadsheets, or just a business card from a promising candidate, you will have the ability to add these individuals to Recruiter. No more scattered and lost leads across the recruiting team; they can all be in one place. What’s truly unique about our solution is that records you create for your leads are linked to their LinkedIn profile. Information automatically stays up to date as members update their profiles, so you don’t have to do the work yourself. And of course you get the additional insight from status updates, shared connections, skills, recommendations and more to help you really connect with individuals you are interested in.

You will also be able to “tag” profiles with relevant information, track lead sources, and update an individual’s status as they move through the pipeline. New reports will provide visibility into all of these activities so you know where you stand on recruiting efforts. Want to see what all of these new features look like? Watch the demo video here.

The biggest upgrade to Recruiter since it was launched
In addition to the new pipelining capabilities, we took the opportunity to make some enhancements that have been high on customers’ wish lists. New search filters let you conduct keyword searches within the information your organization has added, for example notes or hiring manager reviews. You can also filter by activity. For example, if you want to see only profiles that have received InMail messages—or haven’t received messages—you will be able to do that with a click. Once you have search results, you can select some or all of them to send a message, add a note, print, and much more. This saves the step of adding to projects or a clipboard first. Finally, we have streamlined the look of profiles to make the most important information more prominent. Altogether, these enhancements make Recruiter more powerful and simpler to use than ever before.

We keep improving it thanks to our customers’ feedback
When we announced Talent Pipeline last October, we also announced six charter customers: First Citizens Bank, Netflix, Pfizer, PepsiCo, Red Hat and our own LinkedIn recruiting team. These six customers plus over 30 more that have already begun using this new version of Recruiter provided invaluable input on the features, design and best practices for using these new pipelining capabilities. The product is more useful and intuitive thanks to their insight and on-going collaboration with our team. Jim Schnyder of PepsiCo wrote a fantastic guest blog post, “Making Just-in-Time Talent a Reality,” about his experience and the promise of Talent Pipeline—it’s a great first-hand account of how Talent Pipeline can change the way you recruit.

Ready to get started?
It’s easy. And it comes at no extra cost if you already have a Recruiter seat. All corporate Recruiter accounts are being upgraded over the next 4-6 weeks. This past week, we have been notifying customers via email when their accounts will be upgraded. Approximately five days before the upgrade, a message will also appear in LinkedIn Recruiter to remind you about the upgrade. Once the account has been upgraded, some new features will automatically be “on,” including the new search filters and bulk actions from search results I mentioned above. Capabilities for importing leads, tagging, and adding sources and statuses must be activated by an Administrator on the contract. When an Administrator logs in to Recruiter after the upgrade, they will see guidelines for activating these capabilities for the team.

Learn more
To get all the details about the upgrade and how to take full advantage of it, here are some valuable resources.

Keep watching this blog for more information, updates and guest posts from early customers.  Happy recruiting!