A Boolean Black Belt on Race Cars, Fruit Trees, and Hidden Talent Pools

September 4, 2012

The top ranked session at the recent LinkedIn InToronto conference was Randstad VP Glen Cathey’s talk on how to find “hidden talent pools” on LinkedIn. Are you finding the best candidates, he asked, or just the most accessible profiles?

The highly respected speaker and author of the acclaimed Boolean Black Belt blog likened LinkedIn Recruiter to a race car, and stated that if everyone has an equally powerful car, the race will be won by the most skillful driver.

Are you failing to uncover potential superstars because they don’t use the keywords, company names, or titles that you expect them to? Every search yields results, so how do you know who you aren’t finding? Are you using the predictive power of LinkedIn Groups to identify talent rarely found by other recruiters?

Check out the eight-minute highlight reel of Cathey’s presentation and start climbing to the top of the talent tree, far beyond the low hanging fruit others are focused on.

[caption id="attachment_5202" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Watch "Drive It Like You Stole It" featuring Glen Cathey, aka Boolean Black Belt[/caption]

For a much deeper dive into Cathey’s approach to sourcing excellence you’ll want to attend one or more of his sessions at Talent Connect in Last Vegas October 10-12. Cathey will be presenting one session on the basics of search excellence, and a second session that takes these concepts to a more advanced level.