Engaging Passive Candidates On the Go with Jobs in LinkedIn Mobile

September 5, 2012

As the web is increasingly going mobile, recruiting teams must find ways to reach candidates on the devices they use all day long. LinkedIn has become the home to professionals on the mobile web, with more than 23% of unique users coming from our mobile apps. Starting today, we’re making it easy for recruiters to reach these on-the-go professionals with job opportunities by adding recommended jobs to the LinkedIn mobile experience.

As in many industries, talent acquisition leaders need strategies that work both on the desktop and on the smaller screen. Some are already building mobile websites and apps to reach candidates on their phones. But how do you convince people to visit these sites in the first place? Reaching passive candidates is especially difficult, since they’re unlikely to find mobile careers websites, and even less likely to download job-seeking apps.

What they already do today is visit LinkedIn, which has become the mobile professional dashboard. Jobs posted to LinkedIn will now be distributed to relevant candidates directly in the Recent Updates stream, viewed by millions of professionals.

This allows you to reach professionals—both passive and active—where they already turn for insights and networking on the go. Jobs are targeted based on each member’s profile, which is critical in capturing the attention of passive candidates. Your mobile recruiting strategy now begins with simply posting a job on LinkedIn. There’s no extra cost.

We’re excited about simplifying mobile recruiting for our customers, but even more excited about creating new ways for our members to discover the next perfect opportunity, wherever they’re using LinkedIn.

Learn more about LinkedIn Jobs here.