Global Recruiting Trends 2012: New US, Canada, Brazil Reports Now Available

October 3, 2012

What do global talent acquisition leaders say are their biggest obstacles to attracting great candidates? What are they most concerned their competitors might do? And which long-term industry trends are they most focused on?

These were just a few of the questions we set out to answer in our third annual Global Recruiting Trends survey, fielded in June and July this year. Over 3,000 corporate talent acquisition leaders from 15 countries weighed in, sharing their thoughts on recruiting budgets, hiring volume, the latest trends and more. Today, we’re releasing our findings across the Americas, with individual country reports now available for the US, Canada and Brazil.

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US talent acquisition leaders express how they feel about their profession as part of our third annual global trends survey[/caption]

Here are some highlights from the research:

  • Despite global macroeconomic conditions, talent acquisition leaders in the Americas tell us that hiring pace remains relatively healthy. However, hiring budgets haven’t quite kept pace, requiring them to do more with less.
    • In the US, 52 percent of organizations say they’re hiring more than last year, but only 37 percent say their budgets have increased from 2011.
    • Brazil shares a similar story, with 53 percent of organizations hiring more, yet only 41 percent increasing their budgets
    • The situation in Canada is more balanced, with 41 percent of organizations increasing their hiring, and 37 percent saying their budgets are also up
  • In the US, the top two long-lasting trends in recruitment are finding better ways to source passive talent and utilizing social professional networks. Approximately 40 percent of recruiters in the US believe these trends are here to stay.
  • In Brazil, online professional networks are the fastest rising source of key quality hires. 42 percent of recruiters in Brazil claim their best hires come from social professional networks, up 26 percent from last year.
  • In Canada, more talent acquisition leaders are investing in their employer brand than anywhere else. 53 percent say they’re investing more in employer brand, while 46 percent say they’re investing the same as last year. Only 1 percent is spending less.

While there were differences across many questions, there was strong consensus in all three countries about the single most important recruiting metric, as well as agreement on one of Talent Acquisition’s greatest weaknesses today. To see these and other recruiting insights, download our country snapshot reports for the US, Canada and Brazil from Slideshare.

COMING SOON: reports from the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia and India. Subscribe to our blog or our Slideshare channel to be alerted when they’re published!