LinkedIn Recruiter – Warm Leads Now Included

October 11, 2012

Earlier this year, we introduced Talent Pipeline, a powerful set of tools now included with LinkedIn Recruiter that thousands of you are using to help build and nurture your pipelines of prospective hires.  But what if Recruiter could go one step further and provide you not only with the tools, but with the warm leads – talented professionals, who are already interested in your company.  Today at LinkedIn Talent Connect, we announced just that – the ability to identify and engage with Company Followers, right in Recruiter.

On LinkedIn, tens of millions of members are now following companies that interest them.  Each one of these individuals has raised his or her hand and asked to hear directly from the company they’re following – some want to hear news or product announcements, but even more are interested in working there. In fact, when we surveyed Followers, 70% said that they follow companies primarily to hear about career opportunities.

Visit any Company page on LinkedIn and simply click “Follow” to start receiving updates from the company.

 Starting this month, you can harness the power of your company’s Followers in Recruiter. Your Followers will be visible with an icon in Recruiter search results and profile pages. You’ll also see a new search filter that lets you zero in on Followers who are a fit for roles you’re trying to fill. You can add other search terms and filters, for example to find Followers with software engineering backgrounds who are based in Austin, Texas.

Use the new Follower filters when conducting searches in Recruiter.

And since your Followers want to hear from you, they’re much more likely to respond when you contact them about a career opportunity. In fact, InMail response rates are 80% higher for Followers than non-Followers.

But perhaps the best part of this enhancement is that Followers are a gift that keep on giving. Your Follower network grows every day as LinkedIn members discover your company page, view and apply to your jobs, and visit the profile pages of your employees. It’s like a talent network, but better because your Followers are passive candidates who discovered your company on LinkedIn.

From now on your pipeline will stay pre-stocked with highly receptive passive candidates who have opted-in to hear from you.  It’s just one more way LinkedIn helps you engage the best passive talent in the world.

PS: if you haven’t started building your Follower ecosystem on LinkedIn, here are some tips to get you started.