Bringing the New Playbook of Marketing to Recruiting

October 11, 2012

Today, at LinkedIn Talent Connect, we are unveiling new tools, including Talent Brand Index, that help recruiting teams better measure their talent brand, build their talent pipeline with warm prospects, and automatically target the best passive talent.

The transformation of the talent acquisition profession is accelerating. To remain competitive in a world where hiring the best talent is increasingly challenging and where talent is the single most important driver of an organization’s success, recruiting teams need to start thinking about career opportunities the way marketers think about products. They also need to think about candidates the way marketers think about customers.

Simply put, recruiters need to adopt the new best practices of marketing.

Digital and social media have already transformed how marketers build their brands, build relationships with customers, and target the right audience with the right message. They also injected analytic discipline in what was primarily considered an art, allowing marketers to better measure and demonstrate their impact.

Today, recruiters need to embrace these capabilities to become better at these three critical recruiting activities:

  1. Enhancing their talent brand, i.e. the perception of their company as a place to work by prospective employees in an increasingly connected world
  2. Building and nurturing their talent pipeline
  3. Targeting the most qualified candidates with the most relevant opportunities

They also need measurement tools to manage these activities effectively. How can you otherwise assess your impact and decide whether to course correct or double down?

Today, we’re excited to introduce 3 solutions to help recruiters adopt these best practices for more impact.

Measuring your brand with Talent Brand Index
How potential candidates perceive your company as a place to work is one of the most essential drivers of recruiting success. So much so that building a talent brand is now one of the hottest topics for recruiting. Yet, only a third of employers actually measure* their talent brand, which is the starting point of any branding effort.

Talent Brand Index now provides an easy - and free - metric to measure and benchmark your talent brand on LinkedIn. What makes it unique is that it measures your attractiveness as an employer based on the actual behavior of 175M+ professionals through their interactions with companies on LinkedIn.

Do engineers or sales people prefer to work for you or your competitors? Is your talent brand stronger in Europe or North America? Are your branding efforts paying off?

We’re excited to bring you these answers.

Building a pipeline with Company Followers
In today’s connected world, prospects interested in your products follow your brands on social networks. The same goes for potential employees: they can follow your company on LinkedIn.  70% of company followers on LinkedIn indicated being open to hearing about career opportunities. This brings recruiting teams a wonderful opportunity to build and nurture their talent pipelines much faster.

Starting this month, you will be able to identify and engage your Company Followers right in LinkedIn Recruiter. Your talent pipeline will stay pre-stocked with highly receptive candidates who have expressed interest in your company, bringing you a better talent network.

Showcasing your key opportunities to the right candidates  
On the web, relevance is king and required to cut through the clutter. Marketers successfully use new online tools to push the most relevant messages to the right prospects in order to trigger a response.

LinkedIn Jobs help you do just that. Today, our personalized job recommendation engine promotes your opportunities to the most relevant LinkedIn members. The engine is so effective that it even leads passive candidates into applying for your opportunities. In fact, 50% of views on LinkedIn Jobs come from these targeted recommendations. Imagine the impact on your sourcing effectiveness: getting more of just the right candidates without necessarily contacting them.

New Sponsored Jobs enable you to better showcase your key roles to the right profiles and get more applications for your most important jobs.

We’re incredibly excited to continue to partner with talent acquisition teams around the world as they continue to transform their profession. With the days of “post & pray” well behind us, the new tools, skills, and best practices of recruiting, augmented today by those of marketing, are paving the way for a more proactive and effective recruiting strategy. One that focuses on building brands and relationships for the long term. One that is better informed with the right talent analytics. One that becomes more efficient with better targeting tools. But most importantly, one that increasingly transforms the trajectory of their organization.

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* Based on a LinkedIn Survey of over 3,000 talent acquisition leaders, in 15 countries, July 2012. Download the full report.