New Research Reveals a Disconnect Between Employer Brand Focus and Measurement

October 10, 2012

Today LinkedIn released the results of a global survey of more than 3000 recruiting professionals that reveals some strong emerging trends and opportunities.

Corporations are increasing investment in their talent brand, even at a time when doing more with less is the norm, because they recognize that it is a critical foundation for attracting top talent. However, two-thirds of talent acquisition leaders admit that they don't consistently and quantifiably measure the health of their employer brands, and almost half say they lack a proactive strategy.


There was a time when your employer brand consisted of the messaging that your company delivered into the marketplace and periodically refreshed. Today your messaging is being consumed,



[caption id="attachment_5754" align="alignright" width="300"] Only one out of three talent leaders consistently measures their employer brand[/caption]

supplemented and amplified – or questioned aloud – in real time based on actual experience with your brand across multiple touch points. What rises to the top, louder and clearer than your own messaging, is your employer brand as seen through the social lens, incorporating what prospective talent thinks, feels, and says about your company as a place to work.

With 91% of companies increasing or maintaining investment in this vital area, much more measurement rigor is required in order to develop a viable employer brand strategy.


As Forbes contributor George Anders stated today: “As much as companies may yearn to make big upgrades to their employer brands, an important first step may be simply to realize how they are perceived in the marketplace. Such public perceptions may be quite different from the sunny language that fills employers’ own websites.”

Download the full research report here to view the key global and country-specific findings.