What’s New in LinkedIn Recruiter?

October 10, 2012

A whole lot – in fact over 50 enhancements have been added to Recruiter over the last year and today at Talent Connect Las Vegas, we announced several more.  These updates include frequently requested features as well as ideas that leverage the insights available only through the LinkedIn network.  In all cases, we think they will help you use Recruiter, and engage with over 175 million professionals on LinkedIn, more effectively than ever before.

Be the first to find great talent

Finding just the right candidates for your roles is of course the number one activity in Recruiter and we continually strive to help you do that more efficiently and effectively.  With new Activity Filters, you can search for profiles based on your team’s prior activities and notes.  For instance, you can filter search results to only show prospects that your team hasn’t InMailed.  And coming very soon are a set of education-related features that give you the ability to search based on field of study, degree obtained, and years of attendance at a school.

 Use new search filters for team activity and education to more quickly hone in on just the right talent.

 Finally, if you haven’t started using Saved Search emails, they are getting rave reviews.  Receive an email daily or weekly with the latest results of your saved searches and click right through to the interesting profiles.


Receive the latest results from your Saved Searches right in your inbox.

Managing talent leads can start at your inbox

Managing an Inbox filled with leads at different stages of interest can be time consuming and sometimes valuable talent gets lost in the process.  That’s why we’re making it much easier to organize your leads and follow-up effectively.

Soon, you will be able add tags, sources and status to profiles right from your inbox, so you and your team can instantly know what’s happening with a candidate.  You can also take bulk actions such as moving a set of candidates collectively to a project.  And soon, interested prospects will be able to attach their resumes or other documents to InMails, making for a seamless interaction with you.  

 Take action on InMails right from your inbox and start receiving attachments from interested prospects.

Get the inside scoop on a prospect from someone who really knows

While finding an interesting profile with the right skills can be easy, knowing whether a prospect would be a good fit for the team or the company is harder, but also essential.  With the upcoming “Inside Opinion” feature, LinkedIn Recruiter will suggest colleagues at your company who “overlap” with the prospect through activities including prior jobs and education.  This insight from colleagues who know the prospect can be extremely valuable whether you are at the beginning of the recruiting process or getting ready to hire.  Note that access to this feature is optional and can be activated or deactivated by an Administrator on your Recruiter account.

 With Inside Opinion, you can view colleagues who may know a prospective candidate.

 Expect to see these enhancements and many more in LinkedIn Recruiter over the coming months.  And of course, keep that feedback coming so we can continue to help you find the world’s best passive talent on LinkedIn.