Sneak Preview of Talent Connect’s Employer Branding Panel

October 9, 2012

My bags are packed. I’m ready for Vegas. In just two days I will be at Talent Connect moderating “The Power of Employer Branding,” a discussion with talent acquisition leaders from American Express, Dell, and SAIC, who will share their journeys in developing, launching and promoting their employer brands. Register for the live streaming discussion on Thursday October 11th at 9.15am PDT, in which we’ll dive into these topics and more:

The importance of listening to candidates and employees alike:

“We had a pretty firm belief about what we were going to hear, and it turned out to be quite different. The listening part was incredibly important – you have to put aside your own perceptions to do so.” - Kara Yarnot, Vice President / Director, Talent Acquisition Center of Expertise, SAIC

Keys to collaborating with marketing:

“It’s not rocket science: don’t stray too far from the master brand. In the end, you don’t want your candidates scratching their heads.” -Cameron Batten, Global Director, Marketing & Branding, American Express

Training your employees to be brand ambassadors:

“We empower our team members to be brand evangelists through a comprehensive social media training program.  We help build our external brand by giving them the tools and guidelines they need to communicate on behalf of the company. It’s a lot of work, and the payoff is huge.” Brent Amundson, Executive Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Dell

The art and science of talent brand measurement:

“When talking return on investment, senior management tends to refer to number of hires to determine if our employer brand activity has been worth it. But it’s much more than that, so we have to change their expectations and highlight other metrics to consider such as employee engagement, more viable referrals, and more qualified applicants.” –Kara Yarnot, SAIC

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