Our 7 Most Shared Posts of 2012 (and What They Say About the Latest Recruiting Obsessions)

December 18, 2012

It’s been a busy year on the LinkedIn talent blog. Here are our most talked-about blog posts of 2012, as measured by number of shares through December 13th:

1.    Secrets of employer branding leaders: Unilever (901 shares)
Paul Maxin shares useful insights on how a leading organization approaches the branding opportunity, hand in hand with employees

2.    How CEO Marc Benioff turned salesforce.com employees into brand ambassadors (765 shares)
How simple, effective use of status updates drove employee referrals to fuel a hiring frenzy

3.    From employment brand to talent brand (761 shares)
Julia Markish’s eloquent argument in favor of a more talent-centric approach to branding

4.    Passive talent – not as passive as you think (infographic) (745 shares)
Insights on just how approachable a large chunk of the workforce is - provided you serve up a relevant opportunity

5.    New LinkedIn Career Page takes your employer brand to the next level (667 shares)
One of LinkedIn Talent Solutions’ core branding tools get a makeover

6.    Secrets of recruiters with the best InMail response rates: Centrica (651 shares)
Great discussion on how to ace the humble InMail with James Dowling

7.    Behind the scenes at one of India's strongest employer brands (608 shares)
How Biocon execs lead by example in branding the company as a great place to work

It’s a varied list that leads me to conclude the following:

(i) Employer brand – or rather, talent brand - really is the new black.  Our top stories skew heavily toward this topic. And the most popular content of all reflects the growing obsession with leveraging your employees to amp up recruiting efforts through social interaction.

Side note: if you need to build the case to increase your own employer brand investment, check out our report on 'the State of Employer Branding' which includes some key facts to help you get executive buy-in.

(ii) Bill Kutik’s ‘shallow Hollywood values’ seem justified. Big brands do interesting things that recruiters around the world are eager to learn about.

Side note: that may be true, but we plan on bringing more small- and midsize company stories to the spotlight in 2013. Some of the most heroic and impressive talent acquisition feats today are performed in the absence of a big brand or a blockbuster budget.

(iii) Passive talent remains a hot topic. There’s a great deal of interest in better understanding what passive candidates – especially the approachable ones - are thinking, as well as how to convince them that your opportunity is worth a look.

Side note: to brush up on how to approach passive candidates with success, download our free tip sheet.

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