5 Reasons Why Employees Become Brand Ambassadors

January 22, 2013

We’ve already established the reasons why it pays to engage employee connections and company followers on LinkedIn. You can do some of that yourself, but in reality you’ll get from 0 to 60 much faster if you partner with your employees. Your brand, whether corporate or employer, is no longer about the message you control, but rather the authentic experience you deliver.

A recent analysis by TNS offers the top drivers of employer brand ambassadors to deliver the brand promise, or what people expect from every interaction with your company:

Top 5 Reasons Employees Become Brand Ambassadors

  1. Company brand experience sets us apart
  2. I trust senior leadership
  3. Work gives me a feeling of accomplishment
  4. Company is environmentally responsible
  5. I feel valued as an employee

If your organization wants to encourage employees to publicly wave the flag for the brand promise, you not only have to provide a culture that elicits trust and a sense of worth, but you also need to educate employees on the brand itself and demonstrate strong leadership skills that are necessary to creating brand ambassadors.

TNS research shows that employees outside the marketing department are generally unaware of what a brand is, much less what their company’s brand is. Less than half of employees (47 percent) indicate they understand the behaviors required to deliver the brand promise. As such, it is probably hard for employees to be the kind of brand ambassadors you want.

LinkedIn and TNS research converge on two key finding about engaged employees:

-          They are less likely to leave, lowering overall costs of recruiting and training, and

-          They are more likely to be your brand ambassadors for high quality potential hires.

Employees need to be actively supported in brand awareness and how to express the brand in their interactions with others. Focusing on brand behaviors, complemented with coaching and training around what your talent brand means is particularly important for employer brand ambassadorship.

4 Steps to Drive Your Talent Brand Through Employee Brand Ambassadors

In order to ensure that your talent brand message is adopted by your employees and disseminated to their social networks, TNS and LinkedIn have developed best practices to cultivate a positive social image and maximize the support of your talent.

To learn these four steps to developing engaged employees who connect to their work and your brand, check out our SlideShare presentation or listen to a recording of our recent webcast.

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