The Truth About Followers and Connections: Key Reasons to Cultivate Yours

January 15, 2013

Want to drive a compelling talent brand? Start close to home with your connections, your employees’ connections, and your company followers on LinkedIn.

As discussed recently on the LinkedIn Talent blog, talent brand is no longer about the message you control. The online social world has seized brand from the hands of you, the employer, and placed it in the hands of your talent, both current and potential. You can certainly influence, but you don’t call all the shots.

What’s more, research consistently shows that people trust peer comments over traditional media. And as Dr. John Sullivan shared on ERE, people are three times more likely to share bad news than good.

While this can create headaches, it also presents a massive employer branding opportunity for your company. Leading employers are marshaling their employees as talent brand ambassadors, to great effect.

Why is this development so significant? The way people find their next career move is changing. Most of the workforce are ‘not looking’ yet open to potential opportunities if they come across them. Many LinkedIn members are professionally curious about their connections’ employers as well as companies they follow. That presents an opportunity for you to influence others, directly and through your employees, while spreading knowledge and consideration of your talent brand.

Talent Brand Catalysts: Reasons to Cultivate Connections

Talent Brand Catalysts: Reasons to Cultivate Followers

It’s always been the case in business that it’s ‘who you know that counts’. With talent brand management, perhaps it’s the reverse: it’s who knows you that counts. Help professionals get to know your cultural essence and your people; they might well like what they see.

To access a full presentation including 4 tips on how to convert your employees to talent ambassadors, see our SlideShare presentation in conjunction with TNS Employee Insights.