8 Golden Rules for Promoting (and Protecting) Your Talent Brand

February 26, 2013

This week we are excited to launch our new e-book, The Employer Brand Playbook: 5 Steps to Crafting a Highly Social Talent Brand.  This is the first in a series of posts designed to help you make your employer brand shine – whether you’re starting from scratch or taking your current branding programs to the next level.  

It’s a super-social world out there. More and more, candidates are receiving information about your company not only from you, but also from the online communities and networks they use throughout the day.

You may not call all the shots anymore, but you can certainly influence the conversation. Whether you share, post, tag, tweet, like, pin, or bust some other social move, it’s important to know how to promote and protect your talent brand online.

Here are 8 golden rules for doing just that:

1. Look in the mirror. Make sure that what you do (and don’t do) is what you’d like employees to emulate. Urge your immediate team to do the same; this is a prime opportunity for Talent Acquisition to lead the rest of the organization.

2. Empower Your Employees. Lay out the goals and show them a clear, easy path to action. Give a shout-out to those who do an exemplary job.

3. Inform your leadership. Use data to gain support, ease concerns, and help explain your choice of platforms. If they are skeptical, start small and build wins with individual executives.

4. Target your messages. With attention spans so short online, you need to grab your candidates’ attention. The more relevant your message is to a particular audience, the greater its impact will be.

5. Make your culture shine. It’s never just about jobs. Focus on your people – their stories and emotions – to create truly memorable employer brand moments.

6. Go Viral. For amplified results, find creative ways to get more people talking about your company’s great culture. Your employees can be a great source of novel ideas.

7. Be Visual. Dial up the ‘show’ in ‘show and tell’. Bold and colorful images, graphics, charts, and videos can really bring your brand to life.

8. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Setting up a new page is one thing; maintaining it and being responsive to inquiries can be another. Show that your efforts are scalable and sustainable on one platform before moving on to another.

To access the 5 steps you need to craft a highly social talent brand, download the full playbook.