Dream Jobs: The Top 10 Places Where Professionals Share Their Passion for Their Work

February 14, 2013

Do the careers and culture at your company inspire passion in candidates and employees?

On the Insights team at LinkedIn we have the incredible opportunity to work with a rich set of professional data shared by our 200 million+ members. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I used my data wrangling skills to find out just where professionals who love their work live.

Based on analysis of English-speaking professionals around the globe to find how many included “love”, “passion” and “dream job” in their LinkedIn profiles, here’s our take on where professionals are most passionate about their careers. The highest ranked towns and states in the four countries we analyzed are as follows:

1. USA - Fort Collins, CO

2. UK - Harrogate

3. Australia - Queensland

4. Canada - British Columbia

Check out our SlideShare to see the top 10 in each country.

There's an opportunity for talent acquisition and HR leaders everywhere - as well as broader business leaders - to think about creating the conditions in which employees openly love their careers.

For more how to get the pulse of passive candidates racing, see our infographic on ‘What Passive Talent Wants’