Unveiling The New Jobseeker Experience on LinkedIn

February 21, 2013

Late last week we shared on our main blog how we've simplified the jobseeker experience on LinkedIn. Our recent improvements make it easier than ever for our members to find relevant career opportunities from your company on our site.

We’ve added a new feature to help our members see how they are connected to companies in their network and browse their job postings, making it easier for them to find and engage the right employers. Early results have been outstanding: LinkedIn Career Pages have seen a big boost in traffic thanks to this new feature.

Important changes include:

  • Easier access to “Jobs you may be interested in”, to help jobseekers effortlessly find opportunities based on information in their LinkedIn profiles
  • The chance to keep track of the most interesting jobs by clicking a “Save Job” link, which allows our members to easily track those positions on the LinkedIn Jobs page
  • Deeper job searches using Advanced Search options to target open positions by country and zip code, industry and function.
  • A quicker way to see the latest jobs by surfacing new results from members' saved searches

View the SlideShare below for more details, and learn more about posting positions on our Jobs Network today.