Talent Acquisition’s Moneyball Moment

March 29, 2013

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

In many functions, this phrase governs how work gets done. CFOs, marketing leaders, and operations heads routinely turn to detailed spreadsheets and graphs to make important business decisions.

However, despite serving up the most important ingredient for a company’s long-term success, many recruiting departments are flying blind on the measurement front. Only 26 percent of talent acquisition leaders globally say their organization uses data well to make hiring decisions. Instead, Heads of HR and recruiting have for too long over-relied on intuition and qualitative inputs to hire top talent.

That’s changing.

Today on LinkedIn, talent acquisition professionals have at their fingertips a wealth of data on over 200 million professionals. They can track attitudes to their company’s talent brand as well as the flow of talent to and from key competitors, in ways that were not possible even five years ago.

Next Tuesday April 2nd at 10am PT/1pm ET we will share how to access and leverage this data to improve your recruiting strategy.

During our free webinar, “Moneyball for Talent Acquisition: Using Data to Up Your Recruiting Game” you’ll learn how to use data to:

  • Gather talent pool insights: Assess talent pools for your opportunities using LinkedIn data
  • Set hiring manager expectations: Use insights to shape the conversation and set expectations
  • Focus your team: Save time by zeroing in on the right candidates
  • Measure your talent brand: Benchmark your employer brand against peers and over time

Register today for our free webinar and seize your Moneyball moment.