LinkedIn Surpasses One Million Doctors and Nurses in the U.S.

April 9, 2013

As a data analytics professional at LinkedIn, I’m passionate about using data to change people’s lives.  And as a former neurosurgeon, I’m passionate about saving lives too. Today I get to talk a little bit about both.

Earlier this week we commemorated World Health Day, a day dedicated to raising global awareness of health issues and promoting healthy behaviors. To celebrate, I’d like to recognize medical professionals everywhere who are tasked with the job of keeping us healthy. I know firsthand how most healthcare professionals don’t often work a typical “9-to-5” day. Viruses don’t take weekends off, which is why the job of being a doctor or nurse demands a level of dedication and training that is unique in the professional domain.

In the U.S. alone, we recently surpassed 1 million Doctors and Nurses who have joined LinkedIn. They live and work everywhere from Allentown, PA to Wichita Falls, TX, and include thousands of specialists, like:

  • 1,600+ Otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat specialists),
  • 1,400+ Flight Nurses, (nurses with “aeromedical” training),
  • and 1,200+ brain surgeons!

What are these members doing on LinkedIn? Like other professionals, they're using the LinkedIn platform to be more productive and successful. They're reading rich content from popular influencers such as Delos Cosgrove, CEO and President at Cleveland Clinic, and Mark Graban, Chief Improvement Officer at KaiNexus and author of "Lean Hospitals". And they're joining groups to discuss industry topics with peers. Here are the most popular discussion forums for Doctors and Nurses on LinkedIn today:

Top 3 LinkedIn Groups among Doctors:

1.            Medical Doctor (MD) Network

2.            Innovations in Health

3.            Networking for Business Professionals & Doctors

Top 3 LinkedIn Groups among Nurses:

1.            The R.N. Network

2.            RN (Registered Nurse) Network

3.            American Nurses Association

If you are interested in hiring medical professionals, check out our Talent Pools Report for Healthcare Providers in the U.S.  This in-depth analysis ranks top regional hotspots of healthcare talent (e.g. Los Angeles, Washington D.C.), and highlights the attributes that they value most when considering a job (e.g., job security and work-life balance). Here's a snapshot from the report:

[caption id="attachment_7368" align="aligncenter" width="498"] LinkedIn's US Talent Pools reports reveal the supply and demand for talent in popular industries, along with details on what industry professionals from that industry look for in their next opportunity.[/caption]