7 Measurable Goals for Your Employer Brand

April 23, 2013

Think you’re ready to start promoting your employer brand? WAIT!

Hold off on that website re-design for now. Don’t go on a social media blitz just yet. Before you even test your messaging, you need to have the right goals in place.

It seems so easy and obvious. But goal setting takes careful thought and work up-front. As Abraham Lincoln famously said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Employer branding goals are no different.

Seven sample goals for any talent brand program:

  1. Increase offer acceptance rate by X%. The more desirable your company is as a place to work, the more likely offerees are to come on board.
  2. Reduce attrition by X%. Our research shows that a strong talent brand can reduce attrition by as much as 28%.
  3. Improve employee survey ratings by X%. Think of your employees as you would your customers, and consistently measure their satisfaction with or loyalty to your company as an employer.
  4. Increase baseline familiarity with your talent brand in external surveys by X%. Prioritize measuring familiarity among your most essential talent pools (e.g., software engineers in the UK)
  5. Double the number of employees with an optimized social presence. Make sure you understand the baseline and define what you mean by ‘optimized’ – for instance, having a LinkedIn profile that links properly to your Company Page, includes a professional photo, has at least a 2-sentence description of current position at your company, and is upbeat in tone.

And if you’re already using LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index, our free resource that measures how well you reach and engage professionals with your talent brand, consider these goals too:

6. Increase your Talent Brand Index score by X% relative to key talent competitors.

7. Increase your Talent Brand Index score by X% for high-priority functions (e.g., engineering) or regions (e.g., North   America).

But how do you know where you want to go if you don’t know where you are? Check back tomorrow when we’ll reveal six steps to setting your talent brand goals. In the meantime take a closer look at how our Talent Brand Index works.

Want to learn more about setting and achieving your employer brand goals? Download our free Employer Brand Playbook: 5 Steps to Crafting a Highly Social Talent Brand now.