How to Increase Your Company’s Stock Price as a Talent Acquisition Professional

April 15, 2013

Hyatt. Starbucks. Google.

What do these companies have in common? They are simultaneously fighting – and winning – brand and talent wars. And it’s a strategy that has paid off in their financial results.

In fact, new research from Lippincott and LinkedIn Talent Solutions shows that companies with strong customer AND strong employer brands, or talent brands, outperform their peers in the stock market.

Many Talent Acquisition leaders have talent brand top of mind, but if they really want to attract top talent to their companies, they need to focus on their customer brands as well. It makes sense: a candidate will be more likely to look at your website, read your company’s blog, or speak to one of your employees if they are already familiar with your business, products or services.

Likewise, companies are increasingly finding that their talent brands are a key ingredient in the strength of their customer brands. I called out Google as an example: more and more consumers know it not only for search but also as a great place to work.

So how can you align your customer and talent brands? Here are some quick best practices to get you started:

  • Partner with marketing. Perhaps the most important step is to start a conversation with your marketing department. Take the opportunity to learn about their branding initiatives and identify areas of overlap and collaboration.
  • Enlist your employees. Ask your employees how they perceived your company before and after joining. Is there a significant disconnect? Rally your people to become brand ambassadors for the company as a whole. It’s easier than ever for employees to influence the conversation around your brand through social media.  Encourage them to share, tweet, post and like – let them be your greatest brand ambassadors and your most powerful weapon.
  • SMBs, take advantage of your size. You don’t need to be a big company to have an aligned strategy. In fact, in many ways small companies have an advantage over large ones: it’s much easier to rally a team of 50 employees than a team of 5,000! If you are still developing your talent and customer brands, it’s easier to ensure they are aligned from the start.
  • Measure your talent brand. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index allows you to see how you stack up against your competitors in the eyes of top candidates. Knowing this is a first step towards building a better and more aligned talent brand.

Interested in learning more?  Listen to my April 23 webinar with John Marshall, Lippincott’s Global Director of Strategy, The Secret Sauce of Top Companies: Aligning Your Employer and Customer Brand, here or check out the slides from the presentation.