Meet the New Recruiter Homepage, Redesigned to Make You Even More Productive

April 10, 2013

Today we are excited to announce LinkedIn Recruiter’s brand new homepage. The redesigned page introduces new tools for even more efficient hiring, prioritizes the features you use most, and loads faster to help you be more productive in your daily recruiting activities.

Its “look and feel” more closely resembles, which makes the user experience more intuitive and simple. As LinkedIn Talent Solutions’ Head of Product Parker Barrile noted during today’s homepage launch event, “Most recruiting products are outdated and designed for CIOs, not recruiters. Fortunately, the consumerization of the enterprise has begun to infiltrate the recruiting industry and is influencing a new generation of products. Consumerization means putting the user’s priorities first.”

This idea motivated the Recruiter homepage redesign; we sought to build a tool that functions like a consumer app in the front, but has the power and rich feature set of an enterprise tool in the back. Let’s take a closer look.



One of the key redesigned components is the new navigation bar.  The Notifications feature, accessible via the flag icon located at the top right hand corner of the homepage, alerts you to urgent items – like job applies, new results for saved searches, completed hiring manager reviews and completed bulk resume uploads. These alerts make it easier than ever to discover action items and activities that are important to you.


The icon next to Notifications is the new Smart-To-Do list.  This feature helps improve your workflow efficiency by allowing you to create to-do items that connect with a profile, project or job, just by using the ‘@’ symbol.  Any unchecked to-dos will remain at the top of the list until completed. Profile Reminders you previously set in Recruiter will move directly into your Smart-To-Do list (on the dates they were previously associated with on the LinkedIn Recruiter calendar).

The Search box remains front and center on the navigation bar. We’ve made it more prominent and added an additional search drop-down that gives you instant access to your saved searches and search history.


In the slot below the Search box, you can learn about new Recruiter features and see an Activity Feed of the most relevant recruiting-related updates in your account. “Updates” provides you with the most urgent items you need to get your day started – like InMail replies and profile changes made by candidates you follow. You can also switch your view to see “Your Activity,” a history of your own activity in Recruiter, or “Team Activity,” a summary of your team’s activity across the entire Recruiter contract.

On the right rail, we’ve introduced a brand new feature called “People You May Want to Hire.” It suggests relevant candidates based on your prior activity in Recruiter – including past searches, InMails and posted jobs – as well as recent hires, your company description, and even the likelihood of a candidate being interested in your job openings. And the more you use Recruiter, the smarter the algorithm gets about identifying the right leads for you. This new feature helps recruiters focus their time and energy on engaging candidates in more meaningful ways, increasing the likelihood of great hires.

Below this feature, you’ll find out about jobs and projects-related activities – like which jobs have recent applies and which projects need more talent leads.


We invite you to explore the new Recruiter homepage today!

Need a quick walkthrough? Take the online tour.