New York City’s 20 Most InDemand Employers [Infographic]

April 18, 2013

See the most sought-after employers among LinkedIn’s 5 million New York members

Our company rankings just got more interesting. Last year we gave you the world’s Most InDemand Employers, along with sub-lists for specific countries and functions. Now we’re taking our insights down to the city level and just today at Connect in New York, we announced the Big Apple’s winners.

So where do New Yorkers most want to work? Based on LinkedIn’s massive data set - and the actual actions of over five million professionals residing in the New York area* – here’s a snapshot of the city’s professional landscape and it’s most desirable employers.


Industry insights:

Other key takeaways:

  • Large companies dominate: over 75% of the companies employ more than 10,000 people, but smaller ones still manage to compete.
  • Headquarters matter: the majority of companies are headquartered in New York while only a quarter of them are based elsewhere.
  • There’s some overlap with the Global Top 20: Google, Apple, PepsiCo, McKinsey & Company, and Ogilvy are the five companies that make both lists, with Google taking the top spot in each.

Do you know how attractive your company is to prospective candidates, in New York or elsewhere? A good reputation makes recruiting easier and will save you money. Today’s ranking is just one example of how you can use LinkedIn data to recruit more strategically.

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Stay tuned for more InDemand releases throughout 2013! #inTalent

 *How did we rank the winners? We analyzed billions of data points between members and companies and compared them to thousands of survey responses to determine a company’s familiarity and engagement score. The 5 million+ New York City member actions were factored in, including connecting with employees, viewing employee profiles, visiting Company and Career Pages, and following companies. We then analyzed the same activity for just the five million members residing in the Greater New York area. We excluded LinkedIn from all rankings for the sake of objectivity.