Talent Acquisition and Marketing: Power Couple or Odd Couple?

May 6, 2013

No matter where you go in the world, the dynamic between Talent Acquisition and Marketing is firmly in the spotlight. And yet, judging by the questions we field from industry practitioners, the relationship between the two is just as likely to be classified ‘odd couple’ as ‘power couple’.

It's easy to explain the spike in attention in two words: talent brand.

83 percent of recruitment leaders acknowledge that a strong talent brand has a ‘significant impact’ on their ability to hire great talent, and yet Recruiting rarely calls all the shots.

In fact, Talent Acquisition is the primary owner of employer brand at just 22 percent of companies. The most common scenario is shared ownership, and at 39 percent of companies TA co-owns talent brand, typically with Marketing or Communications. Getting along has never been more important.

So, are Talent Acquisition and Marketing a power couple or an odd couple at your organization? It can make all the difference in your effectiveness at building and leveraging your company’s brand as a place to work.

If you think your company has some learning to do in this area, tune in to our upcoming webcast on Thursday May 16th. I’m excited to host a discussion with SapientNitro’s Kristina Shedd, Director, Global Hiring, and Emily Brewer, Senior Manager, Global Marketing. They’re ready to share with you some really practical guidance on how to structure and manage your relationship with Marketing for success. They’ll also explain how they incorporate Marketing best practices – including storytelling, content marketing, CRM, and measurement – into their recruiting efforts, in a way that really delivers results.

Register now for next week’s event to turn Talent Acquisition and Marketing into a true power couple at your organization, one whose combined efforts exceed the sum of the parts.