Here’s What Talent Acquisition Will Look Like in 10 Years

May 7, 2013

This week, LinkedIn celebrates its 10 year anniversary. So much has changed in the last 10 years, and based on the introduction of new technology and increased pressure to perform, we can only expect continued innovation in the coming decade.

Consider how different talent acquisition is today compared to 2003:

  • Social platforms have transformed the way recruiters proactively engage with passive talent
  • Talent brand has become a differentiating factor in attracting top performers, and recruiters are borrowing heavily from the marketing playbook to compete
  • The role of Recruiter as Talent Advisor is becoming clearer, and recruitment leaders are leveraging data and insights to provide more strategic guidance to more senior audiences

Where will we be in another ten years? In my October 2012 blog post, I predicted that three groups will emerge as winners amidst these industry changes: vendors who build tools to help recruiters better market to and engage talent, recruiters at forward thinking companies that embrace the power of employer branding, and professionals with scarce skills who will be presented with more and more opportunities.

Change will continue. We asked 12 talent acquisition leaders and industry influencers, “What will recruiting look like in 10 years?” Their answers are insightful, at times surprising, and inspiring.

Whether you believe, like SAP’s Matthew Jeffery, that Talent Acquisition will enter a ‘war of Relationship Marketing’, or that ‘Recruiters will become Competitive Intelligence Scouts’ as Opower’s Jennifer Boulanger asserts, we hope you’ll join the discussion by tweeting your predictions with the hashtag #recruiting10.